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Built-to-Suit Warehouses

Our purpose built warehouses designed by top architects, offer functional & energy efficient warehouse, while providing a safe & comfortable environment for the workers and at the same time control & reduce operating costs. Our facilities are benchmarked on international standards to provide a vital operational infrastructure for your fast-cycle business. Being equipped with everyday amenities provides a productive working environment in addition to enhancing your business’s efficiency.


We ensure maximize utilization of space while providing adequate circulation paths for personnel & material handling equipment such as forklift trucks. The linear layout of the warehouse makes it easy for efficient circulation, material handling & storage processes.


Our warehouses are temperature controlled (20-28 degree celsius) ensuring tolerable winters or summers. There is maximum natural light in the facility, that ensures your business is running, even when power fails.


The key to getting a right warehouse is ensuring its just not strategically located but also the product must be undamaged. We provide warehouses that are suitable to store sensitive products from medicines, cements to furnitures, etc.

We provide warehouses at strategic locations in Bengaluru

Jayalakshmi Group has helped countless businesses including Flipkart, UrbanLadders, etc with the right warehousing space for their needs at the most affordable rates. We provide customers with pertinent information and help them find facilities that specialize in what they need. Whether you need warehouse for medicines or automobile parts, we’ll help you with the right one for your needs.

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We have ready warehouses on Tumkur road, Bengaluru. Click below to schedule an appointment for a visit to the warehouse or any further business queries.

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