Jayalakshmi’s range of best-in-class services ensure that the profitability of the wind turbine is maintained consistently throughout the entire lifecycle of the project.
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  • Wind Energy Farm in Bangalore

Wind Energy

We harness the strength of the wind to power some of the biggest industries & tech parks in Karnataka. We utilize our fully integrated operating platform and in-house expertise to maintain facilities & supply. With the majority of our power contracted under long-term, inflation-linked contracts, we provide long-term assurity in your electricity costs, safeguarding your business from volatility in energy prices. The offered prices are normally below the government owned BESCOM. Thereby locking in potential cost savings together with customized flexibilities.

3MW Machines

Turbine models within the 3 MW platform share drivetrain and electrical system architecture, with both systems scaled and upgraded for improved performance and greater energy production, as compared to previous models.

Powerful & Efficient

The 3 MW machine increases the capacity, annual energy production (AEP) and application space for all our clients, and works efficiently in class II & III versions which are ideal for sites with the medium-to-low winds that prevail in India.

Prediction & Usage Tracking

We use dynamic, connected and adaptable wind energy ecosystem technologies that pairs our turbines with a digital infrastructure, allowing customers to connect, monitor, predict and optimize unit and site performance.

Renewable Power for a cleaner, brighter tomorrow

Leading the way forward in the renewable energy sector, Jayalakshmi Power provides cleaner, more reliable and more affordable wind power. Our scale, local reach and proven track record ensure that we will play a central role in shaping the energy landscape of the future. We generate electricity which are far more economical than government operated BESCOM. We have installed 3-MW machine in its class II and III versions, which are ideal for sites with the medium-to-low winds that prevail in India. A more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and simpler way to produce energy from wind.

Shaping the renewable energy industry

With over 6 years of experience in the wind power business, when you choose Jayalakshmi Power, you’re choosing proven solutions and proven reliability.

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