Social Responsibility

The future for the Jayalakshmi Group, in general, looks promising indeed, with plans to diversify into various other new projects on the drawing board.

Touching lives of tomorrow's future. We act now.

At Jayalakshmi Group, we see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change for all by making every aspect of our business sustainable, we re-affirm our commitment to a better world. From our employees, to the communities which we are a part of, we want to conduct our business consciously and responsibly. In everything we do, we ensure that we do the best.

We focus our efforts on the constituencies of girls and youth, by supporting them in education & health, with innovative programmes that harness the levelling power of technology.


We believe that education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. Knowledge and skills impact not only earnings, but self-esteem; not only the standard of living, but how life is lived. By bringing quality education to more people, we help build a more tolerant, healthy, just, and connected society.